How To Setup A Polaroid Guest Book Station At Your Wedding

Occasionally you may recall little details about the beautiful wedding you had. If these memories are not documented, there may be nothing left to remember this notable event after some time.

So, it is important that special memories like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other events are documented. One of the best ways to document such memories is by having a polaroid guest book for wedding or a photo guest book as it is commonly known.

What’s a polaroid Guest book?

This is a wedding sign-in book with empty pages where guests can sign their names and leave a short message showing that they were at the event. A polaroid guest book can also serve as a quinceanera guest book, a birthday guest book, a bridal shower guest book, or a guest book for any event.

Although polaroid book is originally meant for signatures and notes, couples are coming up with creative ways to sign a guest book. For example, members of a seating table can take photos and attach them to the guest book.

So, if you’re looking to make memories, save them, and cherish them, let’s head on to what you will need to make this happen.

What you will need to set up a guest book station. 

Polaroid Camera(s) with film

You will need a polaroid camera(s) with film to take pictures of your guests. Stash several film packs because your guest may have more than two takes at their photoshoot.

Polaroid book

The next item you need is a photo guest book. You can get a wedding sign in book that goes with the theme of your wedding. If you’re having a spring wedding, you can go for a Rose Gold polaroid book, and if it’s a summer wedding, you can choose a Rustic-themed photo guest book. We recommend that you have extra polaroid books, in case they fill up fast.

Marker pens 

Wedding guests don’t walk about with marker pens, at least the ones we know. So you should have a handful of markers they can use to write their messages on the polaroid guest book for wedding.

Glue or Tape

You can use glue to stick the wedding guest book polaroid pictures, or you can opt for a double-sided tape. Go for the one that makes putting the photos on the photo guest book easy.

Where you can set up a guest book station

Once you’ve bought your polaroid guest books, markers, and camera(s), it’s time to set up your station. The location where you will take your polaroid pictures depends on your venue.

First, find a well-lit and spacious location in your reception hall close to the entrance but not so close to clog it up.

Set up a table and place the camera(s), pens, tape (or glue), and instructions on how to go about it on the table.

You can store all extra materials under the table in case you run out.


Tips on how to set up a successful guest book station

In order to have a successful wedding guest book polaroid pictures signing, there are certain things you need to do. Let’s look at a few extra tips that will make this activity a success.

Appoint a guest book photographer

If you are worried about people taking too long to get the “perfect shot” or worried about people wasting film, you can appoint a guest book photographer. Having one or two photographers for this purpose will make the process easier and faster.

You can ask a guest to help out with this, or a bridesmaid or groomsman with a good eye for photography will do. It is so much better than having your guest take their pictures; it will save film, time and speed up the process.    

Write down instructions

Your guests and photographers may need more information on how the process works. So, write a list of instructions on how you want the process to be. For example:

  • Stand 5-10 feet away from the camera.
  • Smile, pose and take a picture.
  • Glue the photo to the guest book and sign a short message under the image.

Setup lightings

As earlier said, you should set up your guest book station where there’s natural lighting. Natural lighting makes your photos look so much more dynamic, but if there’s no natural light, you can set up a ring light or lights on your backdrop.


How much does a wedding guest book cost?

A polaroid guest book for wedding costs anywhere from $20 -$100. If you’re looking for one for a spring wedding, you should check out the Rose Gold themed J&A Homes Wedding Guest Book, and if it’s a summer wedding, you can choose their Rustic-themed photo guest book. You can explore more guest books to be certain you are getting what you want at a reasonable price.